“Together we learn; together we grow”




House Points  
Simmonds            Henry                       Rowling Edison

House Captains:

 Honey-Rose Laidlaw

William O'Meara


House Captains:

Leland Green

Emily Livermore 

House Captains:

Lewis Gostling

Tamarine Long 

House Captains:

Harvey Archer

Megan Morris 

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Welcome to our website

You will find lots of information about the school which will be useful if you are considering Great Bradfords Junior for your child or if you are already part of our school community.  There are sections which give you both official and useful information about our school, including the latest letters sent to parents, our newsletters and dates for your diary for the year. We also update the website on a weekly basis with names of children that have won the 'Golden Envelope' this week.


You will notice that our school motto is "together we learn; together we grow" and we have our three value aims which accompany this: be safe, be kind, be responsible; and these are the basis of our curriculum at Great Bradfords Junior School.


On this site we can provide only a brief picture of the range of activities, resources and opportunities we make available to our children.  We can tell you about the curriculum, our aims, activities and successes, but we cannot convey our ethos or atmosphere.  The best way to make a decision about choice of schooling is to simply pay us a visit, preferably during the school day.


We are very proud of our school and fully recognise the significant role parents play.  Confidence in a school comes from knowledge and understanding of what is happening within it.  As parents and carers I hope you will take advantage of the occasions for meeting with us and attend consultations and open afternoons with your child's teacher in order for us to work together to support your child's learning.  It is important that mutual understanding and trust should be the basis of our shared responsibility.  Parents play such an important role in matters of regular punctual attendance and in supporting the school in its requirements in terms of school uniform and positive behaviour.


We hope you find this website useful.  If you require any additional information which is not available on this website, or you having trouble locating the information you require, then do not hesitate to contact us via the school office.


Mrs. Fiona Dorey



Head Teacher :

Mrs Fiona Dorey



Deputy Head Teacher :

Mrs Lynne Kapovic

Chair of Governors :

Mrs K Ogan

Clerk of Governors :

Ms. D Hilliard