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Equality Objectives

Create an annual report to Governors which analyses exclusions, attendance, achievement and school community involvement by gender, ethnicity, English as an additional language, and social background and special educational needs

Take action to address any disparities between different groups of pupils and include in the Headteacher’s report to Governors.

Raise awareness of disability, diversity and cultural differences through the curriculum, particularly through the PSHE scheme of work in order to develop an increased understanding of equality despite differences.

Reinforce to pupils, through the curriculum and assemblies that, as well as racist behaviour, sexist and homophobic behaviour is unacceptable.

Monitor parental involvement of parents at consultation evenings and target under-represented groups of parents and sections of the community to increase attendance at school events.

Raise awareness of national and local helplines that are provided for different groups

Through the introduction of the new Vision and Aims, foster a mindset that all stakeholders, pupils, parents and staff alike, can learn and grow together.