“Together we learn; together we grow”

Diary Dates

Spr Autumn Term 2018: Tuesday 4th September - Wednesday 19th December

Half Term: Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October

(Non-pupil days 4th September, 5th September 29th October and 23rd November)


3rd October  Yr 3 Cressing Temple visit
10th & 11th October Parents' Evening
12th October Conker Day
15th-19th  October Yr 6 Kingswood visit
16th October Yr 5 visit from Zoos4U
19th October Yr 6 Danbury visit for those not attending Kingswood
31st October Yr 6 Greek Day
2nd November Curriculum Morning - Yr 5 mathematics
5th November Yr 6 Dance performance at St Michaels Primary
16th November Curriculum Morning - Yr 3 mathematics
30th November Curriculum Morning - Yr 6 mathematics
7th December   

Flu vaccinations

School discos

12th December

Christmas Dinner

14th December

Curriculum Morning - Yr 4 mathematics


Spring Term 2019: Thursday 3rd January - Friday 5th April

Half Term: Monday 18th  - Friday 22nd February


7th Januaary Curriculum Morning - Yr 6 writing
11th January Curriculum Morning - Yr 4 writing
18th January Curriculum Morning - Yr 5 writing
8th February Curriculum Morning - Yr 3 writing

12th March                    Class photos


 Summer Term 2019: Tuesday 23rd April - Wednesday 24th July

Half Term: Tuesday 28th May- Friday 31st May

(Non-pupil day 24th May)


 7th May                       Yr 5 West Stow visit

13-16 May                    Yr 6 SATs test



“Drop In” sessions with Sharon McCormick (Family Liaison Worker)


Junior School –      17th September, 16th October, 12th November and 17th December

Infant School –      27th September, 1st November and 6th December


Parents may attend Drop In sessions at either school.


Sharon is able to offer advice and support on many aspects of family life, including behaviour management strategies, home/school communication and support, or contact with other services. Alternatively, Sharon can be contacted via 01376 552393 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.