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Treasurer's Report 2017

PTFA AGM- Treasurers summary:

Academic year:

September 2016 - September 2017


The reason for the academic year ending in September (instead of august) was down to an error with the payment from Connells for the summer fete boards not showing till September and as this was something we had raised this year, we wanted the final figures to show a true reflection of what had been raised this year.


The opening balance on 1st September 2016: £1760.66

Total Income from events:                           £6452.75

Total outgoings:                                          £1978.82

Total Donations:                                          £3660.00

Closing balance on 30th September:              £3558.59


Events generating income:

Christmas Disco:               £509.52

Christmas Rainbow Raffle: £1009.70

Easter Hunt:                     £1240.25

Summer Fete:                  £2892.63

Coffee Mornings:              £124.03

Other income:                   £140

Total Profit made in the Academic year was £5217.93


We have made a total of £3000 in cash donations to the school throughout this academic year. This was split between the 2 schools receiving £1500 each. Then the remaining donations included: £240 for the infant xmas disco, £190 to yr 2 for their leavers disco and £190 to the junior school for their yr6 leavers books and finally a £40 for the infants xmas disco deposit to be held in December. 

Other income was generated by Nationwide Summer Fundraising £51, Nationwide Christmas Club fundraising £74 and £15 from the CO-OP card.

Outgoings included: Direct Debit to PTA UK (which has now been cancelled as it has not be used) Expenses for each event (Easter eggs etc) and general expenses such as Walkie Talkies to be used for future events and £20 for the Small Lottery License.


Highlights throughout the year:

  • The introduction of the Christmas Rainbow Hamper Raffle. This gave us huge profit increase from last year of £976.70 which was largely down to selling the tickets in advance.
  • The change to venue of the infant Christmas disco, moving to the Junior school, meant that ticket numbers were not limited therefore selling more tickets than last year also.
  • Having Hopefield sanctuary for the Easter Hunt was a popular attraction which also led to more profit being made at the event.
  • Having the Train, Go Karts, Ponies and Fire Engine as new additions to the summer fete. All of these proved really popular alongside the usual attractions and holding the fete after school ona Friday, opposed to on a Saturday has also proved popular.
  • Having Connells advertise our summer fete and offering to pay us £10 per BOARD! Meant we made a further profit to add the the fete total of: £744


Things to be considered for next years event:

Although Hopefield Sanctuary proved very popular at the Easter hunt, the actual amount raised from them was much lower than anticipated so need to consider whether it is worth them coming next year.

  • No losses made on any stalls throughout the year, however the arts and craft stall expenses almost always outweigh the actual profit made.
  • The punch balloons at the summer fete were unfortunately affected by the heat therefore a lot of them burst, so although, again no loss was made, the profit was not as much as it should have been.
  • Unfortunately, other events such as Vince Quiz night and the bingo night had to be cancelled due to not selling enough tickets for the events.



We made some amazing profit increases from last year, from events held throughout the year including:

Christmas Disco: £89.68

Christmas Coffee morning (including rainbow raffle): £984.58

Easter Hunt: £301.87

Summer Fete: £1228.87


Total Profit Increase from last year is: £2476.48


I look forward to another successful year next year!