“Together we learn; together we grow”

Welcome to Year 5


Our Golden Envelope Winners this week are:


                                                5B - Ruby Dent


                                                5S - Madison Ball


                                                5W - Robson Todd


In Year 5 we have been learning lots about health and wellbeing. This involved looking at how to have a healthy mind and wellbeing, working out the amount of sugar in different drinks, how to stay fit and active, and looking at healthy eating. Year 5 were lucky enough to have Urban Strides dance group come in for the children to help build their confidence and enjoyment of dance and to teach them street and break dancing. The children loved it and performed the dance they learnt to their parents on our health and wellbeing day. The children and parents also made some healthy smoothies, snacks and took part in a fitness circuit. 

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. 



In year 5 we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons, we all really enjoyed our visit to West Stow, where we learnt lots of interesting facts and looked at many artefacts from the Anglo-Saxon era. 

As part of our 'Out of this World' space topic, year 5 children took part in a science investigation. In their classes children were put into groups and had to investigate the impact of asteroids on the moon's surface. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the moon to complete this investigation. So we had to make do with flour to act as the surface of the moon. Children had to come up with their own hypothesis and think about what factors may influence the size, shape and depth of craters on the moon. Once they had completed this they had to plan out their investigation ensuring that the test would be fair. The children recorded their results throughout their testing and then reviewed them as part of their evaluation and conclusion. As you can see from the pictures it was a great 'hands-on' learning experience for the children. 


On Friday 1st March, Year 5 children and staff invited parents and family to come along and take part in a variety of English activities. It was a fun and engaging morning with everybody enjoying participating and learning different aspects of English.  

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend.

Throughout the Spring term Year 5 have been learning all about space through our topic - 'Out of this World'. One part of the learning was understanding how we get night and day and all about the different phases of the moon. 


Once the children had watched some interesting videos about the phases of the moon and had made diagrams and notes in their books from the teacher input, the children had to put their knowledge to the test! In groups the children had to create the different phases using Oreo biscuits. They absolutely loved it and put their knowledge into practise creating lots of moons. 


The Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the 'Star Dome' on Tuesday 12th February. As part of the Year 5 topic this term 'Out of this World' the children have been learning all about Space and our solar system. Experiencing the Star Dome gave the children the opportunity to look at and learn about the various star constellations, phases of the moon, space news and much more besides.  

 Thank you for your continued support for these learning opportunities and experiences  for the children.


On Wednesday 23rd January, the Year 5 children had a visit from Sensei David, the Chief Instructor of 'The Martial Arts Centre' in Braintree. The children were given the opportunity to learn new skills and disciplines in Karate and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, learning various blocks, punches and kicks.

   Some parents enjoying our Maths curriculum morning.