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Sports News




Trip to the Wilderness Foundation at Chatham Green

On Wednesday 13th we went to The Wilderness Foundation at Chatham Green and had the time of 2019! We were all put into  groups; we got put in to team elephant with one other school .

The first activity we did included tug of war, welly throwing and an obstacle course. The instructor we did this with was  Danny and is one of the funniest guys I know. This activity was one of my favourites, Danny you’re the man (George’s view).

The second activity was ran by Terry and we did a mini hike. In the mini hike we saw badger holes and honey bees , we also had some snacks and George had a clumsy fall into ditch (like a front flip). Terry is one of my favourites! (Chris’s view)

After the first set of activities we went in for lunch. This was the time for chilling, although we were all excited for the next bunch of fun activities to do.

This activity was inside and we were making forest art out of string, pipe cleaners and twigs. We did this for about 45 minutes. Chris put two pipe cleaners around each other, then put some strings in the gaps. George put loads of different colours around his and this made it look like a crazy wizards wand.

For the last activity we had two games to choose from (we did both). The first game we played was called Monkey tails and Chris won most of the matches. How you play Monkey tails is simple: you have a tail (a cut scarf) and you put it on and when the whistle is blown you run around until the last one standing with a tail wins.

The second game we played was called ‘Capture the Flag’. This was one of my favourite games , the rules in this game were: there are two teams both teams have a flag ,you  need to hide the flag, once both teams have hidden their flag the game begins. The first team to recover their enemy’s flag back to their base wins , but you can get tagged and if you are, you have to stand still and wait for your teammate to tap you then you’re back in.


By George Jackson and Christopher Cole (Year 5)

On Tuesday 26th February Great Bradfords Junior School took part in the local cross country tournament at Tabor Academy. We have some amazing runners at Great Bradfords and we were able to enter a team for each year group. It was a fantastic event and the children showed excellent perseverance, determination and teamwork. 

Here are the team results:


Year 3 girls = 2nd place

Year 3 boys = 1st place

Year 4 girls = 1st place

Year 4 boys = 4th place

Year 5 girls = 1st place

Year 5 boys = 2nd place

Year 6 girls = 1st place

Year 6 boys = 1st place 


The teams that came 1st or 2nd go through to the next round, as you can see the children were fantastic. We also scored highly with some individual runners. Well done to everyone that took part and thank you to your continued support.


Boys Football Match Report: Great Bradfords Juniors School vs Notley Green Primary School

The starting line-up was Luca in goal; Jack S in right back; George M in left back; James in right mid; left mid was Lincoln; in the middle was Isaac; and in front of us all was Ben.

The game started as Mr Hickman (who was the referee) blew the whistle. As the game went on Harry, who was on the bench, came on for James, who was playing in the right-mid position. Unfortunately, Lincoln had a terrible, unexpected nose bleed and that is when James had to come back on.  Throughout the first half, Luca made some fantastic saves, but it was unlucky when they eventually put a shot past him. Then the whistle blew for half time. Lincoln had sorted his nose bleed out with Miss Shanley. We all gathered round Miss Shanley and Mr Moss for a half time talk. Miss Shanley and Mr Moss both said that we had to take more shots in the second half because we weren’t taking enough, they said if we took more shots, then the other team would be intimidated.

In the second half Lincoln came on and Isaac came off. About 7 minutes later, a cross came in from Ben, it went past the keeper and Harry scored a left footer. As the game went on, we pressured them a lot more, which made them make mistakes. George came off for Isaac and James dropped into defence and Isaac came into midfield. Soon Lincoln took a shot, the keeper tried to save it, but let go of the ball and Harry, with the support of Ben behind, scored to make it 2-1. In the last 5 seconds of the match, there was a corner to Notley Green and unfortunately, they scored an excellent volley in the top corner and then the whistle blew for full time. It was an excellent game and we are all very proud and pleased with our performance.

By Harry Wooder and James Coburn 


On Wednesday the 6th of February, six lucky children from Great Bradfords Junior School had the opportunity to take part in a Parkour Experience festival. This took place in Team Kinetix, Witham.

Team Kinetix have some of the most experienced and capable Parkour Practitioners, Physical Performers, Freerunners and Acrobats in the World. The children got to experience moving around or through an area negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. All of the children demonstrated many of the school's Super Hero qualities which link with our ethos and sporting values, such as; resilience, self-belief, determination and teamwork. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

   Our Girls Football Team

Cross Country

Year 6

Frist thing on January 21st the year 6 pupils had to run 6 laps of the school field. It went very well as all the pupils that participated finished successfully.

The boys started slow but then picked up the pace between the second and third lap of the field. Most of the boys started to walk up the hill but then they began to start building up their strength. As they came to their final lap they started to sprint their way up the hill.

The girls started very quickly and then adjusted as it came to the 3rd lap of the field. As it began the girls all spread out. They all needed encouraging as they started to walk between the 2nd and 4th laps of the field. When they came to the finish line everyone had smiles on their faces.

Year 3

On the 21st of January, the year threes had to run 4 laps of our school field. It went very well as all the pupils that participated all finished successfully and all tried their best and hardest.

The boys went first, they listened very well to the instructions. When they started they were all very promising. As we encouraged them further, they all progressed and had faith in themselves. Although some needed a little push at the end.

When the girls started they all sprinted into a good position. They walked up the hill more than the boys did. But they all continued whilst they were on the flat base. The hill was the only struggle that they faced.

Year 4

After lunch the year 4s took part in the cross-country event. They all tried their hardest, although some did not make it through.

The boys ran first they started very quickly. They all sprinted down the hill but as they had overcome the hill they started to slow down rapidly.

The girls went second but they started slowly and then picked up the pace between the 2nd and 3rd lap of the field.

Year 5

The last year group to take part were the year 5’s. They all tried their best and all completed the challenge.

The boys went first they started rapidly but then slowed down quite quickly. As it came to the end they really cheered on the people that had not finished and got them to persevere to the finish line.

The girls went second, half of them walked and half of them ran the first lap but in the end all of them ran the 6 laps of the field showing resilience and perseverance.


Some of the children from years 5 and 6 were selected to take part in the Braintree Schools Tag Rugby Tournament on the 15th January. This is the first time we have entered in to this competition and the children were amazing! We ended up in 4th place and the children learnt a lot from the games they played; improving their teamwork and perseverance throughout the competition. Well done to the children who represented the school so well. 


Great Bradford Junior School were able to enter two teams into the New Age Kurling Competition. This took place as Ramsey Academy on Wednesday 9th January 2019. Many schools took part in the tournament and the children had a fun and exciting time learning skills for a new sport, along with working on their social interaction skills and teamwork.

The children were extremely well behaved and represented the school fantastically well.

Well done GBJS.