“Together we learn; together we grow”

Our Staff


DEPUTY HEAD:  Mrs B. Thompson
 TEACHING TEAM: Mrs L. Bailey-Whyte
 (Head of Year 6) Mrs E. Bateson
 (Head of Year 4) Mrs S. Buitekant
  Miss E. Cole
  Mrs V. Cook-Abbott
(Head of Year 5) Mrs K. Drake
  Miss E. Flynn
  Miss E. Gray
  Mr J. Hickman
  Miss S. Miah
  Miss R. Possee
  Mrs J. Stewart
  Mr B. Stevens
  Miss D. Vass
(Head of Year 3) Mrs J. Walker
SENCO: Mrs L. Bailey-Whyte
Supported by: Mrs. S. Taylor
Pastoral and Guidance Leader: Mrs. L. Shead
Family Liaison Worker: Mrs. S. McCormick
Learning Support Assistants:  Mrs L. Baker
  Mrs. N. Beckett
  Mrs. S. Canning
  Mrs. A. Chesson
  Mrs C. Gilhooly
  Mrs. R Hausner
  Mrs C. Hughes
  Mr K. Middleton
  Mrs S. Morris
  Mr J. Moss
  Mrs. Y. Pepper
  Mrs. A. Perrin
  Mrs S. Price
  Mrs. C. Saunders
  Mrs C. Staton
  Mr. R. Tillsley
  Mrs H. Townsend
  Mrs. S. Wrench
   Mrs M. Yates
Administration Team:  
  Mrs. J. Banks
(Manager) Mrs. A. Dickens
(Librarian) Mrs. T. Hart
(Finance Manager) Miss R. Hawtin
  Mrs. H. Locke
Lunchtime Team:  
  Mrs M. Yates
  Mrs L. Baker
  Mrs. A. Chesson
  Mrs M. Davey
  Mrs. J. Freeman
  Mrs C. Gilhooly
  Mrs C. Hughes
  Mrs S. Skews
  Mrs C. Staton
  Mrs. S. Stredder
  Mrs T. Thorogood
  Mrs H. Townsend
  Mrs. T. Wiegand
 Catering Team:  
  Mrs. S. Bendon
 (Manager) Miss S. Mills
  Mrs. R. Page
  Mrs. C. Rackliff
  Mrs C. Steele
 Premises and Cleaning Team:  
  Mrs. P. Crowhurst
  Mrs. L. Hitchcock
  Mrs R. Page
 (Caretaker) Mr. T. Saunders
  Mrs. S. Stredder
 Breakfast Club:  
  Mrs. E. Ashdown
  Mrs. S. Stredder
  Mrs. T. Wiegand