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Terms of Reference Teaching & Learning Committee



Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Committee


Terms of Reference


The Committee has been established to delegate matters concerning teaching, learning and curriculum from the Governing Body, as outlined below, in order to relieve the workload on the main board and to provide time for detailed discussion, thereby enabling decisions to be implemented more quickly.




The Committee shall consist of all members of the Governing Body.  The Chair is to be elected by members of the Committee and must be a member of the Governing Body. The Chair for each school year will be appointed at the first committee meeting of the Autumn Term.  Subject to Governing Body approval, it is possible to appoint a committee member, who is not a governor.  However, non-governor committee members may not vote on any decision concerning admissions, pupil discipline, election or appointment of governors, the budget and financial commitments of the Governing Body.




A quorum shall be a minimum of 6 plus the Headteacher.




The Committee shall meet as necessary, but not less than once a term. All meetings will be convened by the Clerk. Other than in exceptional circumstances, all committee members must receive seven clear days written notice of meetings together with an agenda.  If an urgent decision has to be made, the Clerk will try to convene an emergency meeting.  Where this is not possible and an urgent decision has to be taken by Head and Chair of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Committee, the Clerk will inform governors of that decision as soon as possible.


Terms of Reference


The Committee shall:-


1            ensure the school is offering a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which meets the national and school aims and in particular will:


a)               ensure the school is meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum;


b)               review the school’s curriculum overviews, which are published on the school website, with reference to National and local guidelines;


c)               review the school’s Special Educational Needs Policy and Local Offer statement


d)               review the school’s policy and provision for sex education


e)               ensure the school is meeting the requirements for provision of Religious Education, referring to the Locally Agreed Syllabus


f)                review the school’s provision of daily collective worship


g)               ensure that all up to date statements and policies are published accordingly and available to parents for inspection



2.      Consider formal complaints about modifications to, or disapplications of the

          National Curriculum:


a)      in respect of individual pupils;


b)      in respect of any part of the curriculum;


and make appropriate recommendations about any required action.


3.      The Committee will support and guide the Finance Committee and Headteacher in prioritising curriculum developments for inclusion in the budget.  (For full details of the process, please refer to the attached year plan “Scheduling the Budget – Planning, Monitoring and Review”, which is included within the approved “Financial Regulations and Scheme of Delegation”).  Within the planning and review process, the committee will take responsibility for consulting with stakeholders, e.g. pupils, staff.


4.         The Committee will be responsible for monitoring the teaching, learning and curriculum related issues in the School Improvement Plan, including the implementation of new strategies.  As part of the monitoring process, written and verbal reports from governors will be received at each committee meeting, with evaluation taking place as appropriate.


5.      In order to secure continual review of the school’s Accessibility Plan and Disability Equality Scheme, a yearly agenda item to be included making reference to the monitoring of relevant sections of the school’s Accessibility Plan and Disability Equality Scheme.


6.      Minutes of each Committee meeting will be circulated to all members of the Governing Body.





These powers will be reviewed and agreed annually at the Autumn Term meeting of the

Governing Body.




Any difficulty in reaching agreement to be resolved